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The majority of people assume that Fascism is a purely recent phenomenon. This paper is an effort to prove by a historical formula, an analysis of fact, and a parallel of events that the finished product of Fascism today has been in the making for a century. It sees the manifest origins of Fascism in the philosophy of Hegel and the milieu out of which Hegelianism grew. Then Fascism first took political form in the preliminary experiment of Louis Napoleon. For some years after that passed it was merely an infiltrating element in the structure of democracy. But democracy broke down after the great World War, and Fascism took over the state. But all this fits in with the theory of historical movement I have attempted to use in this paper, and I will pass on to a completer statement of that below.

I intend this paper to be a part of a larger whole. As it stands, it is enough to define the field and indicate the implications. But more is needed to supplement this, to fill it out and to drive home its conclusions. I have accordingly indicated in the table of contents the scope of what ought to be the complete study.