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In my study of the events culminating in the resignation of Sherman Adams from the position of Assistant to the President in 1958, I have endeavored to deal with three factors: the Adams-Goldfine relationship studied by the Congressional committee, the politicians' reaction to the information disclosed there, and the position taken by national publications. I have included a brief statement of Adams' early life and his duties as Assistant to the President for background purposes, but otherwise, I have brought in material about the man himself or the Eisenhower administration only as it relates to the case.

Adams' contacts with the FTC and the SEC were not the only shes which came to light in the summer of 1958, but these calls made in Goldfine's behalf attracted the attention of press and politicians, and these are the ones I have dealt with. In the long run, the other contacts had little or no effect on the Governor's career.

Because of the limited amount of space and time available, I refrained from comparing the Adams affair with the problems of some of President Truman's staff members. Similarities do exist, and it is not to be inferred from the omission of these from my paper that I consider the Adams case unique.

In writing the bibliography, I found no entirely satisfactory way of listing the periodicals. Consequently, for the sake of simplicity and clarity, I chose to list the volumes in which articles cited appeared, and in the cases of magazines not having volume members, the approximate dates of the material used.

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