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SCOPE: This investigation is designed to compare the efficiency of two 80/20 creosotes and a 5% pentachlorophenol solution in preserving wood compared against a straight No.1 creosote, using microbiological methods.

INTRODUCTION: In 1872 a report was made on the preservation of wood by the Army Engineers as follows: "The question of the efficiency of any particular impregnation when thoroughly made is one which is rather to be decided upon by the civil engineer from the results of experience than by the investigations of the laboratory." Even after seventy-seven years this opinion is still held by a great many of the creosoting and wood-treating companies, in spite of the pioneering work done by the Forest Products Laboratory. In the last several years there has been a concentrated effort to correlate service tests on treated wood with laboratory and field evaluations, and some progress has been made towards the acceptance of laboratory testing, particularly with reference to the newer organic preservatives. We are far removed from the final goal however; the establishment of laboratory evaluations sufficiently fast and accurate that a prospective user of a preservative could purchase it on a competitive price and quality basis as simple as that of a coal or steel analysis.