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Bachelor of Arts


Political Science


The objectives of the writer in writing this monograph are two - first, to acquaint himself with the Juvenile And Relations Court of his own city, and second, to compile the records of the court so that they may known to all interested people.

The work is divided into four sections - in the first the early fundamental history and principles of Juvenile Courts in which an attempt is made to show that the Juvenile Court can trace its origin back to the English Common law Courts.

In the second section the writer discusses the bills passed by the General Assembly of Virginia that led to the establishment of Juvenile and Domestic Relation Courts in Virginia.

In the third section the work and program of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court of Richmond, Virginia is discussed. Reports are given in detail. In the last section the writer gives his opinion of the value of the court and how it could be more beneficial to the Welfare of Richmond.