Lyn M. Harper

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Bachelor of Arts




The purpose of this program evaluation was to identify the needs of families of terminally ill patients and their perceptions of their loved ones needs. Another objective was to determine if these needs were met in St. Mary's Hospice Program and who responded to these needs. Subjects consisted of ten randomly chosen family members, nine females and one male, ages forty to eighty, who had lost loved ones enrolled in the hospice program at least six months prior to the study. The subjects had not received volunteer bereavement care prior to the evaluation. Responses to need questionnaires and interviews indicated that family members were positive about the hospice program and were most concerned about the patients' comfort and support for the family. Also, family members generally felt that these needs were always met in the hospice program, and various members of the hospice interdisciplinary team responded to these needs. It is hoped that examination of the comments and suggestions of the family members will allow for future interventions that will ultimately improve patient and family care in St. Mary's Hospice Program.

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