Matt Zemon

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Bachelor of Arts


Music: General

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Dr. Ciulla


Over the years collegiate a cappella music has taken off. Currently there are almost 400 groups licensed by CASA in America alone. This paper is going to look at different methods of leading these a cappella groups and reflect upon my four years as an a collegiate a cappella group's Business Manager.

Trying to gain a wide perspective before writing, I began this paper by looking at some general leadership situations in music groups, including a careful analysis of the leadership in the Detroit String Quartet. After learning of some of the peripheral issues, I focused on collegiate a cappella by interviewing members of three collegiate a cappella groups (one women's and two male). Next I wrote down a basic history on my group, the Octaves, and followed that by interviewing nine of the members in the group. I finished the paper by evaluating the different leadership structures and styles that I encountered and discussing my feelings of the leadership most appropriate for Octaves at different stages of group development.

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