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The year 1917 is probably the most significant year in modern Russian history, Many people view this as the year of the Bolsheviks. Indeed, Lenin and his cohorts seized the reigns of government in November (all date will be given in New Style) of that year and propelled Russia down an untrodden path of history. The effects of this revolution now permeate the globe. Some view that fateful day as the beginning of man's salvation from the exploitation of capitalism. Others view it as the birth of a pernicious disease which must be eliminated in a final apocalyptic battle to save mankind. However, far too few people study the actual events of 1917. While scholarly work on the period is voluminous, many of the works are skewed by the ideological perspective of the authors. Few people, aside from historians, are cognizant of the historical actions which finally resulted in the triumph of Bolshvism.

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