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In this paper, an attempt is made to give a view of the general advances in historical study in American educational institutions during the last century. Particular attention is given to the growth of history in the Richmond College curriculum for two reasons. First, the author has a natural interest in that institution and secondly, because the progress made there in the last three decades is typical of the advances in like institutions.

The author was considerably handicapped by the absence of Dr. S.C. Mitchell, who was in Europe while material for this work was being collected. Dr. Mitchell having been the first Professor of History at Richmond College, is of course, exceptionally well qualified to give excellent information on the historical trend there. However, the author did arrange one valuable interview with the professor before the latter's departure.

In all cases except where someone else had access to information which was closed to the writer, primary sources have been consulted. In either case, however, credit has been duly given in the footnotes and bibliography.

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