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In 1917, several Allied countries sent Socialist representatives to Russia to try to convince the Russian Socialists to stay in the war. I have concentrated on the British and French missions because they, as representatives of the two largest of the Allied countries, contacted more people and groups, were more deeply involved in the situation in Russia, and made themselves more conspicuous than did the others. The other missions (principally the Belgian and Italian) did very little the British and French did not do and had few characteristics which the British and French did not share.

The American's also sent a mission to Russia with the same goal as the European missions, but the goal was about the only similarity between them. Where the European commissions were composed of Socialists going to talk to Socialists, the American commission could not be called Socialist in any sense of the word. As my thesis deals with the contacts of Russian and Allied Socialists, I have not mentioned the American mission.

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