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Bachelor of Arts



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Dr. Scott T. Allison


An experiment employing 38 intro-psychology students was performed in order to a) observe the outcome-biased correspondent inference, b) investigate whether this inference may be manifested in social dilemma behavior, and c) investigate the role of social values in reactions to feedback, investment behaviors, and sensitivity to the correspondent inference. The experiment consisted of two parts. The first part categorized subjects as either cooperators or defectors using the Ring Measure of Social Values. In the second part, subjects completed a booklet with the aid of taped instructions. The booklet contained a questionnaire, a bogus scenario, and three investment situations. Results showed a) the correspondent inference to be present for the attributes of effectiveness, communication skill, and experience, b) this inference to be linked to behavior in only one situation (eight quota), and c) cooperators' and defectors' to not differ in reference to feedback or investment behaviors, but in reference to a feedback interaction for the investment situations and two inference questions. Discussion suggests more thorough investigation to improve this novel study.

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Psychology Commons