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In the year 1853, Rosewell Hobart Graves was a Baptist minister in the city of Baltimore. However, he was unhappy there because he realised that in American almost everyone might her of the gospel while in other lands mens were perishing without ever having heard the name of Jesus. Thus he was prompted to seek a foreign field.

Sometime in the late Spring or early Summer of that year, he applied to the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, in Richmond, Virginia, to be sent as a missionary to wherever they needed him most. In the middle of December he received a reply acknowledging his application and stating that the Board was making enquiries with regard to Japan.

Throughout the next year Grace continued his pastoral work in Baltimore, but he also conducted a continuous correspondence with the Board in Richmond. He wrote assuring them of his qualifications as a missionary, and they wrote warning him of the hardships to be endured.

However he was rather certain of his ability to do the work since his constitution was good, and his doctor said that he could live in any climate. He liked languages and had acquired several with facility. Therefore he believed that he could learn an eastern tongue without more than the usual amount of difficulty.

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