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The purpose of this paper is two-fold; first, it will investigate the development of the structure of the joint-stock company and second, it will examine the part played by such ventures for the colonization of the Americas. The first portion of the paper will be a review of secondary sources. There are two very good works on the economic growth of England by Sir William Ashley, and an excellent three volume work by W.R. Scott on English joint-stock companies which addresses their development. The second portion of the paper will also deal with secondary sources to cover the events of the various colonial undertakings with the addition of primary sources whenever possible. With regard to primary sources, several works have been of assistance in writing this paper. The tracts of Peter Force were consulted along with The Letters of John Chamberlain edited by Norman McClure. An excellent reference source in the area of the London company for the plantation of Virginia is provided by The Genesis of the United States, a collection of original documents relating to the first crucial years of that company, edited by Alexander Brown.

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