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Dr. F.W. Gregory


The purpose of this thesis is show Virginia's reactions to John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, not to John Brown, the man. For this reason the writer will being with a brief identification of John Brown, followed by a statement of his purpose in invading Harper's Ferry and a description of the raid itself. The rest of the paper will be devoted to Virginia's reactions to the invasion. No attention will be given to the proceedings of Brown's trail, the question his sanity, or reactions to Brown's execution. Information on these topics may obtained from either Stephen Oates's To Purge This Land With Blood or Oswald G. Villard's John Brown.

This paper covers the reactions from October 19, 1859, to January 30, 1860. The out-off date was chosen for two reasons; first, most reactions to the raid had been expressed by then; and second, at this time in the United States many issues were contributing to the sectionalism in the nation, and it is necessary to cut off the reactions to one issue in order not to get them confused with those of another issi

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