Mark Melvin

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts


Rhetoric & Comm Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Erin Sahlstein


At various historical moments, music has been a part of change and movement within social dynamics. From minstrels entertaining the courts of kings to plantation slaves singing spirituals of emancipation, the localities of music are diverse and ever shifting. Music is, and always has been, forming and reforming dynamic relationships with culture, art, and politics. With the emergence of mass media and mass distribution in the 20th century, music has become more than an art form that can only be experienced by a live audience; consequently, music has formed even more unique relationships within the cultural, artistic and political spheres. These new mass mediated forms of music, quite likely, have the greatest potential to construct pervasive meaning in our society due to their large audience and vivid imagery, which can be seen in mediums such as music videos, televised concerts, and on the internet.