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Many great historians contribute much to our heritage, literature and history, but the people of the United States of America fail to remember or recognize these men for their contributions because a historian's life is not considered exciting enough to write about. In the following chapters this author will attempt to bring to light the life of a courageous, dedicated man.

William Wirt Henry is probably best known for his literary masterpiece, The Life, Letters and Correspondence of Patrick Henry. His works and activities beyond that are numerous, but not generally known. Mr. Henry lived during this country's most turbulent's years. He took part in the making of the history which, in some cases, he wrote and spoke about.

William W. Henry could be considered one of the best historians the State of Virginia has ever produced. His conservative spirit helped his state in her most perilous days, and his literary contributions helped a New South emerge culturally from the charred ruins of a once great society.

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