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Child abuse is a major problem in our society today. It is the major killer of children in the Untied States. (Kalman, 1977) There are many different estimates of the rate of occurrence, and no one knows for sure how prevalent it is. The major problem with making estimates of incidence is that so many cases are never reported. Only 20-50% of the cases are reported. (Kempe, 1978)

There are three types of child abuse. (Roth, 1975) One type is situational. This type is in response to an overwhelming stress. It usually happens one time, and is the easiest to help. The second type is behavior patterned abuse. The parents turn to each other for their needs. If they can not meet each others need, they make one of their children a scapegoat. the parent selects one child for punishment because he is not able to handle his own inadequacies. The last type of abuse is chronic. This type is the most serious and damaging. The parent uses the child as an extension of their self, and when the child doesn't do what the parents want, they strike out and punish the child.

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