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This work began as a listing of abstracts of laws pertaining to religion and an investigation of those institutions revealed therein; but its scope has enlarged to consist of a listing of those laws, an index to that list, and a fairly extended history of the evolution of real religious freedom in Virginia. Mr. P. A. Bruce and others have covered the field of describing those institutions far better than I could, so that there was no use attempting to duplicate their work. My efforts have been directed to studying the source and effect of those laws which were most important in the evolution of complete religious freedom in Virginia.

The paper is divided into a chronological compilation of abstracts of the laws; a modified topical index to those abstracts; and a somewhat more extensive investigation of the period which has not, so far as I am aware, heretofore been treated fully. In compiling the laws, it was extremely difficult to determine which laws pertained to religion and which did not. In those border-line cases, such as those dealing with marriage and divorce, I have included them.

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