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Bachelor of Arts



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Dr. Scott Allison


The purpose of this study is to transcend the trait and affective boundaries in order to account for the situational and cognitive variables which provoke the responses elicited by jealous emotion. The focus of the study is comprised of two major objectives: (1). To discover and define the structural dimensions associated with people's conceptions of jealous situations and (2) to deter mine whether there are gender differences in the interpretation and conceptualization of jealous emotion. Thirty-one undergraduate psychology students participated in the study. A cluster analysis was performed on the co-occurrence of situations. Five major categories of the situational determinants of jealousy were identified and labeled. An analysis of variance on the frequency of contact with each particular situation revealed an interaction effect between gender and category. Socialization factors which may contribute to the differences between males and females in the conceptualization and expression of human emotion, are discussed. Future research in this area is encouraged.

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Psychology Commons