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Newspapers are an invaluable index to a period and the personalized Virginia Gazettes are particularly revealing of the attitudes of the Colonial period. Although the advertisements for runaway slaves give more of the master's feeling for the slave than the life of the slave himself, it is hoped that the writer has sufficiently drawn forth the inferences toward this latter point to make all that is available clear. There are no copies of the Virginia Gazette between the years 1739/40 - 1744/45, and 1746 - 1766. This would make a great difference to a chronology of any kind, but the absolute similarity between the advertisements for slaves in the earliest and latest years of the period here under discussion, minimizes that loss to a certain extent. The last available issue of the Parks Gazette appears in 1746 and the first issue of the Purdie and Dixon which is available is #739 in 1766. The Rind Gazette begins publication in that same year.

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