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Spring 1969

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Associate of Arts




The activities of I. G. Farbenindustrie in the United

States afforded Americans the opportunity to observe Third

Reich activities as they existed in pre-war America. This preview

of Naziism in America helped unite popular opinion against

Hitler. It is the purpose of this paper to point out the origins

of such a system in this country, the conditions which nurtured

its growth, characteristics of the system, and the steps which

lead to the collapse of the system. The lack of a detai]ed and

determined policy by the Germans prevented their utilization of

I. G. Farbenindustrie to its upmost strategic value in the area

of economic warfare. America, on the other hand, lacked a

determined policy to deal with the German menace and had the

Germans been able to follow a directed policy, it would have

been harder for the U.S. to remove them from a strengthened

position at a later date.

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