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Spring 1988

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Bachelor of Arts




Lady Jane Grey's short life was one of constant uncertainty, derogatory remarks from her parents, and manipulation; yet she retained her faith till the end. Her story was intriguing if not for its romance and pathos, then for the way in which it reflected the chaotic polltical, social, and religious tendencies of this period in English history. It was a time of intrigues and conspiracies where the true desire for nothing less than outright greed and a cut-throat willingness to employ any means to attain a goal ran rampant. Her llfe provided a unique perspective from which to view the dynastic uncertainties, the religous upheaval, and the mindset of the aristocracy in power. Many factors were inextricably intertwined to create a patchwork of doom for this bright, precocious, and devout young girl. From Henry's dynastic concerns and religous reforms, through Edward's minority and pivotal death that brought about a prolonged day of reckoning that shook the kingdom to its political foundations, to the personalities who directly influeced Jane's life; all must bear responsibility for the advancement of this innocent girl to her death.

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