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Whe n King James began to fear the preaching of Sir Edwin Sanys and the meetings of the Virginia Company, believing that the seeds they sowed were too democratic, he felt sure that the dissolution or at least the royal control of the Companyw as a necessity. He therefore attempted to interfere in the election of the treasurer but failed. Enraged, he commanded Captain Nathaniel Butler to write a libel entitled "The Unmasking of Virginia", which held the Virginia Company responsible for all the evils in America.

This served him little better than his interference, so, in April 1623, he appointed a commission of "certayne obscure persons", among them John Harvey and Samuel Mattews, whose duty it was to investigate the colony and furnish evidence against the Company. Failure was his in this also, for the colonists disregarded the commission and addressed all their words to Kign James himself

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