Date of Award

Spring 1937

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Bachelor of Arts




Edward Gibbon Wakefield: This interesting man wes an.enigma.

Nothing about himwas ordinary. Even his faults were extraordinary,

but generally of an amiable kind. He faced the

world with two extremely potent weapons: a vision capable of

piercing the thickest 'problem, ancl a mastery of the art of

convincing and persuading. His ultimate aims were always

laudable; but he applied, without quibble, any effective means

of execution at his disposal. As a widower with a passionately

loved little daughter, a kidnap-marriage.put him on the road

to prison as well as on the highway to fame. During his incarceration

he became the father of an idea which he reared

with deep devotion, single care, and remarkable success.

Joining the galaxy of spirits who conceived masterpieces while

in prison, he wrote the Art of Colonization and dedicated himself

to the British Empire ... to Englishmen both at home and

in the colonies. Parliamentarians and ministers crossed swords

with him in vain. His foibles were earthly; his fortes divine. He loved humanity!