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With only pleasant recollections of Professor Folsom's book, Culture and Social Progress, textbook for Sociology 2, remaining in my mind, I decided to read his most recent work, The Family as parallel work in Sociology 5. That was sometime just prior to the Christmas holidays. When first I saw the volume, its 604 pages of 8- and 10-point type cast a foreboding shadow across all my anticipations of holidays and succeeding days. It was easily the largest book on the Sociology 5 reserve shelf, yet the memory of the easy style of the other Folsom book and the fear that the other smaller volumes might be dry and difficult reading influenced my choice. Never, since starting the first chapter entitled, "The Family Pattern," have I regretted my choice. In fact, it seems hypocritical to use this book as a subject of parallel report, for it was so interesting and entertaining. Usually, we expect "required reading" to be actually boresome, but in this respect, Dr. Joseph Kirk Folsom, professor of Sociology at Vassar College, has disappointed his readers.

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