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Bachelor of Arts



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Brian Henry


[Enter a GIRL. She stands onstage, alone. There is a light center stage, pale O of a mouth. She approaches, investigates, steps into it. Opens her own mouth, as if to become a beam of light. Blackout.] [A GIRL stands onstage, invisible. No women in the prologue. No prologue, then.] [There’s the sound of shuffling. A thud. A quick change. Lights up. Enter the same GIRL, only this time she is a girl playing a boy who plays a girl playing a boy. She can’t remember which of these clothes actually belong to her and which she’s only pretending to wear. There are a lot of vests. A GIRL – a GIRL/BOY/GIRL/BOY – a GIRL (?) – enters. The play begins.]

Available for download on Friday, January 05, 2029