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Bachelor of Science


Biochemistry & Molecular Biol.

First Advisor

W. John Hayden


Bryophytes are non-vascular land plants that include mosses, liverworts, and hornworts. Although easier to overlook because of their smaller size, bryophytes are a fundamental part of the ecosystem. As such, maintaining record of their biodiversity is important. Yet, records of bryophyte species in Goochland County, VA were low compared to more thoroughly documented counties such as Prince Edward County. This study expands the documentation of bryophyte flora and presents a checklist of bryophyte species found Virginia’s Goochland County from 2020-2023. Fieldwork conducted at public and privately-owned properties throughout the county between January 2020 and March 2023 yielded 702 specimens that were then identified during laboratory study. From 151 different identified species, a total of 134 records of first documented occurrence were noted for the county. New county record data was submitted to the Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora (DAVF), and voucher specimens are maintained at the University of Richmond Herbarium (URV). All Goochland County bryophyte specimen records in digital format are in the process of being uploaded to the Consortium of Bryophyte Herbaria website as part of the University of Richmond Herbarium (URV) contribution towards documentation of the global biodiversity of these too-often neglected plants.