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Bachelor of Arts



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Cindy M. Bukach


Facial processing is one of the most important and immediate aspects of cognition (Jaeger, 2019; Kovács, 2020). Race is an extremely salient facial processing cue that has immediate and long-term impacts on how we interact with others (Oosterhof & Todorov, 2008; Senholzi & Ito, 2013; Blascovich et al., 2017; Kawakami et al., 2022). Race is a powerful in-group in American contexts, and race cues in facial processing play a part in determining in- and out-group members (Tropp & Wright, 2001; Castano et al., 2002).

We investigated how race impacts the facial processing of individuals who identify as Biracial and whether, because of their dual identities, this population’s external motivation to control prejudice is more sensitive to racial cues in facial processing. We asked first whether the ORE in biracial participants is susceptible to priming effects and secondly, whether this phenomenon is associated more with internal or external motivation to control prejudice.

Available for download on Saturday, June 27, 2026