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Bachelor of Arts



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Janelle Peifer


In Spring 2022, the Peifer Trauma Lab at the University of Richmond conducted a survey based research study to understand the presence of trauma in University of Richmond students from ages 18-33. The continuation of this research focuses on a mixed methods analysis of data collected regarding identity factors, self blame, self-compassion, and dissociative traits from the PCL scale. The present research found that, as expected, this college student sample reports subclinical levels of PTSD symptomatology and reported low experience of self blame and self-compassion. In addition, our findings highlighted differences between racial/ethnic groupssuch that Asian students have a lower overall perception of self-compassion when compared to white students of about -.38 points overall. Furthermore, Latinx students experienced an overall higher score than Asian students of about .53 points for self-compassion. Correlationally, positive associations between self blame and dissociative traits and self-compassion and dissociative traits yielded directions reflective of the literature. We discuss theoretical underpinnings linking self blame, self-compassion, dissociative experiences, and emotional dysregulation. We end by exploring future research recommendations to elucidate the racial and ethnic differences for self-blame and self-compassion.

Available for download on Wednesday, June 21, 2028