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Bachelor of Arts



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Kristjen Lundberg


Belonging, including feelings of being valued in a larger institutional space, is important to student overall well-being. For students of color attending Primarily White Institutions (PWIs) (and other historically marginalized group members), institutional belonging maybe partially dependent on how they perceive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. This study aims to assess individual differences in how DEI initiatives are experienced by students at PWIs in order to better understand how experiences of DEI initiatives on campuses may differentially impact students of color compared to White students. Belonging for students of color was found to be contingent on their perceptions of DEI initiatives as genuine and successful (or not), while White students’ belonging was found to be less dependent on these perceptions. Protective factors, like peer relationships, were more strongly impactful for predicting belonging for students of color compared to White students. There were racial differences in levels of participation on campus, but it was not associated with belonging.