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Brandon Ng


There are inequities in the American criminal justice system, especially in the treatment of felons. The rate of individuals being incarcerated has been relatively stable over the past ten years (Minton & Zeng, 2021). As of 2020, 167 out of 100,000 Americans were incarcerated, equating to roughly 8,700,000 individuals annually (Minton & Zeng, 2021). This means that 8,700,000 individuals are stigmatized on an annual basis. The stigma surrounding felons can cause prolonged stress in the form of “discrimination, economic strain, and pervasive feelings of being unable to control exogenous circumstances that influence one’s life” (Purtle, 2013, p. 635). They experience housing and employment discrimination once they are released (Berry & Wiener, 2020). They have their political voice taken away by disenfranchisement and are treated unequally by society.

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