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Violet Ho


The present work explored the connection between personality and the Dualistic Model of Passion (DMP) and weather psychological safety moderated this relationship. The first study comprised 109 Introduction to Psychology students at the University of Richmond, and the second study measured 128 MTurk participants. The web-based survey administered to both samples consisted of measures assessing Harmonious Passion (HP), Obsessive Passion (OP), the Big Five traits, the Dark Triad traits, and Psychological Safety (PS). Due to reliability concerns, only OP and the Dark Triad traits could be used to assess the MTurk sample. Results from regression analysis showed that among MTurk participants, psychopathy and narcissism are positively associated with OP, while Machiavellianism showed no significant relationship with the DMP. Among students, openness to experience and narcissism predicted HP. Conscientiousness was positively related to both HP and OP but was a stronger predictor of OP. Neuroticism was also positively associated with OP in the student sample. Although no moderation effects were found, psychological safety was the strongest predictor of harmonious passion compared to all personality traits. These results suggest that creating a warm environment where individuals feel comfortable taking risks may play a more meaningful role in developing harmonious passion.