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Document Type

Restricted Thesis: Campus only access

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Computer Science

First Advisor

Douglas Szajda


Machine learning systems are being developed to solve all sorts of problems. Some of the applications include determining whether to give someone a loan, the likelihood of recidivism, which areas in a community are more likely to have crime, whether computer code is malicious or benign, or whether an autonomous vehicle is approaching a stop sign. All these applications can have a significant impact on people’s lives, yet we don’t fully understand the "reasoning" behind these models. Users of such models need to know whether they contain biases and whether they are basing decisions on reasonable principles. These needs have given rise to explanation methods, which attempt to expose the reasoning behind specific machine learning model decisions. However, through our research, we have found that explanation methods are not as reliable as we would like them to be, hence our attempt to create provably robust explanation methods.