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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies

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Volha Chykina


Through a mixed-methods research study that incorporates some data analysis and interviews, I explore the impacts of segregation and desegregation policies on the educational outcomes and experiences of Black students in Delaware Public Schools. I aim to discover differences in achievement and experiences between students that went to Delaware Public Schools during federally-enforced desegregation and the more current era of resegregation of schools. My research questions revolve around the impacts desegregation policy has on educational outcomes, the impact of interracial relationships within schools and out-of-school activities, and cultural capital transfer and acquisition and its impact on educational outcomes. Data analysis reveals a gap between proficiency in both math and ELA amongst majority White and majority Black schools. Semi-structured interviews find 5 major themes. Findings include that cultural capital transfer does happen through peer relationships and that students use this acquisition of cultural capital to aid them in the classroom. My findings also reveal the stark difference between integration and desegregation and the immense impact that Black teachers can have on the experiences of Black students in high school.