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Bachelor of Arts



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Jan French


Menstruation is not only a biological body practice that influences females' daily lives but also

contains cultural, economic, social, and political meanings that are related to women's gender identity and social status. While traditional Chinese culture examined menstruation as taboo and stigma, modern Chinese society absorbs western feminism and creates a more liberal, open-minded menstrual etiquette. Lived in the rapidly developing modern society, the Chinese young generation's viewpoints were influenced and shaped by traditional Chinese thoughts and the emerging feminist thought. This research draws on in-depth interviews with ten Chinese youth females to explore their knowledge, experience, and attitudes about menstruation and feminine products. The young female generation refers that their thoughts have been shaped by their interaction with family, peers, school, social media, and social norms. Although it's inappropriate to conceal, hide, and shame the normal menstruation phenomenon, the mainstream patriarchal society still puts restriction and limitation on menstural females' actions, thoughts, characteristics, and identity.

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