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Bachelor of Science



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Dr. Kristjen Lundberg


The goal of this study is to advance our understanding of outcomes related to experiencing positivity resonance and additionally to examine the role of technology as a potential barrier to experiencing positivity resonance (PR). I expect to see positivity resonance associated with physical, psychological, and social well-being, while phone use will predict lower levels of positivity resonance.

This study is unique because it focuses on a college campus population and analyses how their well-being is affected by their social behaviors. This study is especially important for a campus like UR given how segregated and exclusive the student population has become, as it has potential to show the benefits that come with breaking down tight social groups and spontaneously interacting with peers in line, while walking to class, or at a communal table in the library (Davis, 2019). In turn, this research could inform positivity resonance interventions and potentially transform the UR campus into a more inclusive environment for all groups and increase the wellbeing of all students.

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Psychology Commons