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Dr. Joanna Drell


With the fall of Acre in 1291, the eastern Mediterranean world was forever changed. The Holy Land, conquered by the crusaders nearly two centuries earlier, fell into the hands of the Mamluk Sultanate. With this cataclysm, the Christian world questioned how it would fight in the name of Christ, how luxury goods would make it from the shores of Syria to the markets of Italy, and who would take the mantle of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. King Henry II, ruling in Cyprus and crowned the lord of the Latin East in 1286, sought to fulfill the functions of the now destroyed kingdom while only controlling the Kingdom of Cyprus. Taking on this dual role, Henry attempted to gain economic control over the eastern Mediterranean and sought to further the mission of the Cross by military means. While his gains for Christendom may have ultimately been limited, his assertion of his claim to the Kingdom of Jerusalem defined his first reign and helped lead to his eventual deposition from power in 1306.