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Bachelor of Science



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Dr. Karen Kochel


Differences in hookup culture and behavior were examined across different social groups at the University of Richmond. Specifically, I examined the difference between Greek life members, varsity athletes, and the general student population. The sample consisted of 174 students (123 females, 51 males) from the University of Richmond. The sample was 33.3% Greek life, 25.9% varsity athletes, and 40.8% general student population. I distributed a web-based survey for participants to complete in a quiet place of their choosing. Fraternity members, sorority members, and male athletes scored higher than the comparison group on a measure of personal attitudes towards hooking up. Additionally, Greek life members reported a significantly higher number of hookup partners than the comparison group. These findings suggest that Greek life members and male athletes would benefit the most from additional education regarding safe sex practices. Further education could decrease negative emotional reactions after a hookup and reduce instances of sexual assault on campus.

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Psychology Commons