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This paper explores the effectiveness of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) in reducing child internalizing symptoms in physically abused children as compared to the standard community group treatment. The data for this study was taken from a randomized control trial by Chaffinet al. (2004), which found that PCIT significantly reduced re-reports of physical abuse. The participants were 110 parent-child dyads referred by child welfare due to a recent report of child physical abuse. Both PCIT and the standard community group showed significant reductions in child internalizing symptoms over time, however there was no interaction effect between treatment group and time. Additionally, parent perceptions of their own negative parenting behavior improved significantly over time in both groups, without a significant interaction. The results suggest that PCIT does not target internalizing symptoms in the child any more than the standard community group, however it may disrupt the cycle of abuse.

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