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Bachelor of Science


Biochemistry & Molecular Biol.


Biosensor research has gained significant interest during recent years due to its importance in a variety of fields and applications. Specifically, in the field of medicine, the development of devices to continuously monitor clinically relevant analytes in real-time at the bedside of patients presents a powerful diagnostic and monitoring tool for a variety of conditions. In this work, we present a first-generation, xerogel-based, layered biosensing scheme that is adaptable to multiple analytes such as glucose, uric acid, galactose, xanthine, and lactate. While many reports of first-generation electrochemical sensors highlight the use of sol-gel materials, layer-by-layer (LbL) approaches, and nanomaterials, the systematic expansion of a general scheme to multiple targets is more rare. A clinically relevant example is represented in our lactate sensor which has the potential to improve the diagnosis of sepsis, given that suppressed lactate clearance and increased blood lactate levels are associated with the progression of the infection. The demonstrated adaptability and functionality of the presented biosensors represents an important step in the field of bioanalytical sensors and the realization of continuous clinical measurements.