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Health literacy is a very critical aspect of a patient's recovery, and low levels of it have been correlated to a large range of negative health outcomes. Health literacy's effects on treatment adherence and health optimism was examined in a sample of 32 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients who were recruited from a transplant center in the southeastern section of the United States. Participants had a mean age of 47.55, with 45.2% (n=14) of the participants being female and 54.8% (n=17) being Caucasian.The participants completed a survey, which incorporated the tools of Health Literacy Questionnaire, Life Orientation Tool, and the PlAnk 4 scale. The study found that (1) Health literacy was positively correlated with Health Optimism and (2) Health Literacy had a positively correlated with Treatment Adherence, supporting both of the stud's hypotheses. This study's findings highlight the importance of health literacy in CKD and its association with health outcomes.

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