Rachael Enoch

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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


We wanted our project to make a difference in two areas. First we hoped that our project would help the Jepson School and its students understand more about leadership in the "real world", about how leadership and leadership studies are perceived, and about potential educational and career options for leadership studies majors. We wanted to help answer the question that everyone wants to know: What a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies means to graduate schools and employers? Second, we wanted our project to advance the field of leadership education and leadership studies. We thought that the data we collected through interviews and surveys would be valuable to those who are currently working in the field of leadership studies. Leadership scholars are concerned out the association between leadership and education, and our project speaks to that association in that it exlores how education (particularly a leadership education) and the real world of practical leadership interact or fail to do so, how leadership education is perceived, and how leadership educators can best prepare students for the world of practice.