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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


After going through the steps of implementing a change in Sentara Health Systems, I learned that using my visionary and participatory leadership skills contributed to my success in leading a change in the organization. First, I used my visionary leadership skills to encourage each individual to envision processes, to support each other, and to use resources which would motivate the group to do something that they wanted to do. Also, I used a participatory leadership to ensure that the subordinates were involved in the group's goals throughout the change process. By empowering people to have responsibility when changes are made in an organization, the Sentara employees were more motivated and supportive of making a change in the system, itself. As a visionary and participatory leader, I found my role as a change agent in the organization to be positive and worthwhile in contributing to the development of the reengineering process of the primary care delivery services for Sentara Health Systems.