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Leadership Studies


God does call certain people to be leaders in the church and grants them the skills necessary to fill their position. However, there are also examples where the Lord used specific leadership training, in the form of letters and mentorship, in order to better equip leaders to use the gifts given to them. This paper will look at the need for leadership training in the church today. Leadership training will be studied as it related to the Leaders ability to deal with changes and crisis, specifically pertaining the problem arising from membership drops in the main line denominational churches. A lack in adequate church leadership training leads to the inability of church leaders to adapt themselves to current issues and provide strong leadership through times of crisis.

The surveys and follow up questions seemed to back up the idea that membership involvement in the church was directly correlated to members perception of the vision possessed by the leader. The follow up interviews showed different members of the same organization can interpret their leader's vision in different ways. A members involvement, therefore, may not be a reflection of the leader's vision and adaptability to change as much as it is a reflection of the members perceptions of the leader.