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While having effective followers is critical, the leadership attributes of the entrepreneur is just as important. Gardner and several other leadership scholars have done significant research on the attributes of leaders. The entrepreneur is just one of many leaders that possess the necessary leadership attributes for success. Starting a company requires such a tremendous time commitment that the leaders within it must be able to handle the stress and ambiguity that goes along with it. This takes leadership to handle this ambiguity of whether they wilt meet the next paycheck. Employees, investors and customers will be looking to them to see if they will be around next month. The entrepreneur needs to be confident and optimistic in the face of negative obstacles that must be overcome. In addition, the entrepreneur must have a high need for achievement and believe that through the hard work that he or she puts into the venture, they will succeed. Integrity is another important factor that is vital to entrepreneurs. The companies do not have a history that can gamer trust from investors, employees, and customers. Therefore, they will be forced to rely on the integrity of the leader to determine if they can trust the company and everything it offers. We can go on and on, because entrepreneurs have to be leaders in order to build a company from scratch into a growing enterprise. While managers can start a company, it takes leaders to make it successful.