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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


Through my leadership studies I have found that the one common link between virtually all great leaders has been the comprehension and mastery of the art of communication. From those who were powerful and influential orators, to those who lead through the written word, to others who found alternate means such as non-verbal (i.e .. setting examples) methods, each recognized and utilized the process and importance of communication. It was this finding that has lead me to believe that at the Jepson School of Leadership Studies we should teach about communication and its role in the leadership process.

Hence, I created the course "Communication in Leadership". Although the syllabus is still rough, I believe that I have created a very real and workable format for this course. I have presented the need, feasibility, and benefits of this course, now all that remains is for the Jepson School of Leadership Studies to make a small donation to me, for the rights to the course. I would like to leave you with a quote by Edwin A. Locke, the author of The Essence of Leadership: "Leaders are only as powerful as the ideas they can communicate." Remember that.