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Bachelor of Arts


Leadership Studies


Ukrop's Supermarkets is a chain of twenty-two grocery stores throughout the Richmond area. They are known to be extremely customer service oriented to the point that if you ask a store employee where an item is you will be taken to it, not told where it might be found. In addition, you never bag your own groceries or even have to take them out to your car. Their employees do everything for you. The stores are very family oriented; as a result, they do not sell alcoholic beverages as is customary for supermarkets in Virginia, and they are not open on Sundays. The project that Matt had done in the Foundations class revealed that Akron's places an importance on educating all of its employees, promoting from within, and living out the values that it promotes. I was extremely interested in finding out what makes this organization so successful and hoped that I would have the opportunity to make a significant contribution.

At present, we are planning to drop off our product at the Akron's corporate building with a note offering some suggestions as to how we can teach the instructors about the material we have included, if indeed Bob does decide to use our modules. At this point, that is the only way we think that we might be able to communicate with him. Unfortunately, if he does not get in touch with us, we will never know what he thinks of our work. In addition, much of what we have planned may be lost due to the fact that we will not have a chance to explain the ideas behind the things that we have included.