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Leadership Studies


The area of juvenile justice in America is a growing concern among both urban and rural community leaders. According to the Community Collaborative for Youth, the juvenile violent crime rate in Richmond is triple the state average. 1 The juvenile violent crime rate is the percentage of violent crime committed by a person under the age of eighteen. This is merely one aspect of the adversity facing the juvenile justice system in the eyes of the community. As a result of the growing need for information on the subject, a great deal of literature has been published about the risk factors, prevention, and rehabilitation measures. Much of this information is useful to existing court officials; however, knowledge about specific gaps in juvenile justice systems and what services and resources are needed to fill these gaps have yet to be explored. It is this subject, gaps in the juvenile justice system and possible solutions, which will be examined in this study. An investigation was performed using available literature on the subject of juvenile justice concerning risk factors. prevention, and rehabilitation. This research led me to understand that many of the existing gaps fit into these three categories.