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The Christian Children's Fund (CCF) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization created to serve children and their families by providing education, medical care, food, clothing and shelter. This organization is the largest independent child care and development organization in existence today. It has served approximately two and a half million children and their families in over 40 countries worldwide, and it continues to serve more and more everyday. 2

In 1938, due to famine, bombings, and suffering of children in China from the Japanese invasion, J. Catvitt Clarke founded the China's Children Fund (CCF). He created this organization to send relief and resources to these suffering children in orphanages. His goal was to develop an organization with "no government funds, no ideological agendas, a minimum amount of bureaucracy--just individual people who cared about others and were willing ... to help an individual child in need."3 It turned out to be a success. Within one year, the China's Children Fund privately sent over $15,000 to orphanages in China. Two years later, the United States government issued a license to the organization to allow them to send money directly to China. At this point, the China's Children Fund became a recognized organization.

The CCF has been constantly evolving since its genesis in 1938, and it will continue to evolve as times and people change. It will serve those children and families in need in the most modern ways possible. With these new innovations, future aspirations, and shifts in leadership in mind, the CCF created a World Alliance of ten international CCF offices "to provide an international network of organizations the ability to respond more effectively and efficiently to the needs of children around the world. "17 But its primary goal in the past, the present, and the future is to advocate for the protection of children.