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In the course of English history many legal courts have been established and abolished. There were two types of legal courts: common law and prerogative. Commonlaw courts had their basis in fmndamental laws and custom while pre- rogative courts were established by the king's prerogative for different reasons. Most of the prerogative courts were developed during the medieval or early modern period and were abolished during the Stuart reign. One such prerogative court was the Court of the Star Chamber. It can trace its beginnings to the medieval period and was abolished during the reign of Charles I. The Court of the Star Chamber had a good reputation. for most of its life, but the first two Stuart monarchs contributed greatly to its downfall. James I and especially his son Charles I used the great powers of the Star Chamber for their own purposes. As a result of the reputation this court received in the early seventeenth century, it was abolished by the Long Parliament.

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