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Bachelor of Science



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Krista Fischer-Stenger, PhD


In this study, AR surface expression patterns and regulation via AR-catecholamine interactions were characterized. Macrophage function was shown to be regulated by catecholamines through both Alpha- and Beta-ARs, as evidenced by corresponding alterations in cytokine production. Treatment of activated macrophages with NE, a general catecholamine, or fomoterol, a P-AR agonist, produced significant decreases in TNF and IL-6 secretion. The effecis of clonidine, an Alpha-AR agonist, produced less consistent results, but clonidine-mediated enhancement of cytokine secretion appears to be mediated by Alpha-AR signaling. LPS was shown to noticeably change the surface expression ofboth types of ARs in RAW264.7 macrophages. However, NE only influenced Alpha-AR signaling. This data adds to the current model of neuroendocrine regulation of macrophage-mediated immunity, specifically presenting functional roles for alpha- and beta-ARs.